Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Hat Knitting Patterns

Kids Knit Hat Pattern
If you're an aspiring knitter, there is plenty of interesting beginner projects available to try out. Knitting patterns are everywhere, online and in stores, and the choices may seem bewildering at first. If you're looking for an easy pattern to start with, consider trying baby hats or clothes. Baby items are an easy way to start knitting, and since they are designed for infants, the projects are small and easy to finish. Since knitting has become so popular over the last few years, there are also plenty of fun and interesting yarns and materials to choose from to make an adorable finished product.

Look for a toddler hat knit pattern to make as a Christmas present or birthday present for your own child or someone else's. Baby hat knitting patterns are easy to find, and make a wonderful baby shower present for new moms. Baby hats are a common purchase among mothers to protect their newborns from cold or sun exposure, and a handmade item can be a very meaningful and useful gift. It's a fun way to make a beautiful, thoughtful gift and feel good about giving it to someone else who can definitely use it. Baby hat knitting patterns are available everywhere, and you can even find classes or tips online to help you if you get stuck on a project. Knitting patterns can be confusing to read if you aren't familiar with the terminology, so be sure to find a resource guide for the names of stitches and other directions on patterns that you might not be familiar with.

A toddler hat knit pattern will probably also have suggestions about the yarn's weight, which is just a term that refers to how thick the yarn is, and is important because the weight of the yarn determines what size needles you'll use. The pattern will dictate the weight and size of the needles you should use. Baby projects will probably require a very lightweight or thin yarn, and smaller needles. When choosing your yarn, keep in mind that it needs to be soft enough to touch a baby's skin without irritating it, so stay away from fun or crazy yarns that might be uncomfortable. It would also be good to choose a yarn that is washable, since some yarns will shrink or felt together when washed, and washing will prevent dyes on the yarn from irritating a child's skin. Baby hat knitting patterns are a great project to pick up as a beginner and make great gifts, so check one out today!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scissor Holders

Sheep Scissor Holder
Every knitter's dream is to be surrounded by piles of yarns in a rainbow of colors. Happy hours are spent seeing how well one color goes with another. Major decisions, like whether to use a boucle yarn or nice cashmere in a scarf, are made. However, that doesn't get the project done.

There is a practical side to every knitter. Creativity and organization don't have to collide. Keeping knitting accessories nearby and orderly will make any project more fun. Organizing needles and patterns in notebooks will make them easier to find. Small knitting accessories can be put in labeled containers.

Multiple projects can each be kept in their own basket, tote or tub. Storing all the items needed for a particular project together, will make it easy to transport that particular project anywhere in the house or on a road trip. Small bags with small projects are a common site anywhere people have to wait. Knitting or crocheting in a doctor's office or the D.M.V helps makes the wait more pleasant.

Knitting scissor holders keep the scissors handy. It also keeps them from accidently cutting or poking a hole in projects or furniture. Having to put everything aside to look for scissors can be a real concentration buster. A scissor holder can keep scissors comfortably close.

Some knitters have special rooms, where everything is kept in a specific place. Others like to create in the center of things. They like to interact with the family while they knit or crochet. People who work with yarns thrive on color and texture. They tend to be artistic by nature. A styled scissor holder can be a statement of their passion. Cute knitting scissor holders can be decorations, as well as a useful item. It brings a smile to a logical idea. It is hard to resist something that calls your name.

Scissor holders can be plain or even industrial, but they don't display the spirit of a knitter. Fiber and design are not always practical. Something warm and soft fits in with a knitter's heart. A whimsical holder talks to the creative spirit.

A fanciful or quirky scissor holder make a perfect gift for a knitter, crafter or anyone involved with textiles. Homespun hobbies lend themselves to commitment and collecting. Knitters like to have their things around them. Some scissor holders are impressive enough to become part of the decor.

Textile crafts offer a variety of options. Old fashioned to cutting edge, each project reflects the mood of the creator. There is something useful and beautiful when they are done.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fair Isle Knitting: A Historic and Beautiful Technique

Fair Isle Knitting Pattern
Fair Isle knitting originated in the Shetland Islands of the United Kingdom and is a special knitting technique that uses up to 5 colors of yarn, 2 per row. The unused colors are stranded behind the worked piece. Fair Isle knitting patterns are worked in the round using either double pointed or circular needles. Fair Isle sweater patterns became popular in the 1920s in England when the Prince of Wales was seen sporting a sweater vest in this style. Fair Isle patterns can generally refer to any kind of stranded knitting these days but the traditional knitting patterns of the Shetland Islands are exemplary of the style.

The traditional Fair Isle pattern utilizes horizontal strips of repeating patterns and motifs that were originally worked in the black, grey and brown colors of the native sheep breeds. Knitting patterns utilized designs from nature like rams horns or ferns, or simple shapes like crosses and diamonds. Colors are spaced evenly to avoid large loops of fabric that could catch on other clothing or fingers on the inside of the piece. Fair Isle garments are often quite warm because of the dense layering of yarn. Besides the stranded nature of the work, these patterns use only plain stitches and are straightforward to begin with once you understand the process. Fair Isle sweater patterns can be joined together in the traditional manner where the body of the sweater is constructed in the round and sleeves are sewn in place. Holes are then cut for the arm openings in the tube of the sweater body.

Fair Isle patterns typically use a stockinet stitch, where the knit side is on the right side. If you wish to continue for a lengthy stretch in a particular color, catching floats of the yarn is necessary every 5 or 6 stitches to prevent long, loose loops inside. Twisting the color you are not using around the color you are currently using periodically helps prevent these loops from becoming problematic. Take care when twisting highly contrasted colors together, this can cause pieces of the wrong color to show through the front and muddy the appearance of the garment.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Christmas Knitting Kits

Christmas Tree Stocking Knit Kit

Christmas is still several months away, but this doesn't mean it's too early to start up on your Christmas tasks. From purchasing presents for your family to obtaining new decorations, there are so many different aspects to Christmas you need to cross off your list, it is very important to start early. If you want to show your crafty side, all while complete a few different tasks at the same time, you might want to consider purchasing Christmas knitting kits. These Christmas knitting kits allow you to create a variety of objects, all with a Christmas theme. This way, not only can you decorate your house with home designed material, but you can learn a new skill, all at the same time.

One of the best ways to show your crafty side is through knitted Christmas stocking kits. Chances are, if you celebrate Christmas you probably have stockings up for the rest of your family and children. These usually consist of different store purchased stockings, which is fine and all, but to truly showcase your Christmas spirit, you might want to just opt into the knitted Christmas stocking kits. These stocking kits allow you to do a variety of scenes and designs, all right from the comfort of your own home. Even if you've never knitted before, you shouldn't have a problem picking these up. And truth be told, starting off knitting a stocking is far easier than some of the other objects you might want to produce.

When you go out and select the knitting kits for yourself, you usually have to select the perfect knit Christmas stocking patterns. There are so many different patters available you might not know what to select from. Hopefully, you have several different individuals for your family you need to make the stockings for, which allows you to try the different knitting kits. When shopping at the Noble Knits website, you always have a large option for knitted material you can purchase, and these knit Christmas stocking patterns are all available for your purchase.

Of course, there are more than just the stockings available for you to buy. You can obtain anything from an ornament package to side projects that are more cute and fun than actually function. With so many different selections to choose from, you might have difficulty doing so right off the bat, but over time, you'll be able to create your own stockings and decorations, not just for yourself but also for the rest of your family.

There is still a good amount of time before Christmas, so you can properly prepare yourself, instead of shopping around and doing all the necessary chores at the last minute. This way, you can do just about anything in the allotted time you have before the season starts, so you can just relax and enjoy the festivities while everyone runs around, attempting to scramble in order to get all their eggs in a basket. The holiday season is made to be enjoyed, so you need to make sure you get everything covered early.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Have More Fun With Knitting!

Dangercrafts Frances the Charismatic Monster
Knitting is a great way to pass the time while being creative. It can be rather dull to knit the same patterns multiple times. A scarf is challenging the first time, but after knitting 20 scarves one needs to find a more interesting knitting topic. Dangercrafts toy knitting patterns are a great way to find a challenging and interesting way to pass the time.

Dangercrafts are loved by all types of kids. The creative patterns and bodies make a great homemade gift. High volume manufacturing and cheap overseas labor has created a toy market over run by cheap, mass produced foreign toys. With a couple hours and a knitting pattern from Dangercrafts, a high quality, personalized gift can be made. It is much easier to go to a store and buy the latest item from the sale shelf, than to hand produce a special knitted toy. The thought and heart that goes into a freshly knitted toy creates a gift of great sentimental value.

Quality toy knitting patterns can be very difficult to find. There are many untested and low quality knitting patterns floating around the Internet. Tested and proven patterns will save time and money. It is a pain to start a project and then realize that a fundamental error was made in the beginning of the project. Many times the entire project must be abandoned or completely restarted. Quality toy knitting patterns are specially designed to ensure that they are easy to follow and yet interesting. Clear instructions allow basic and advanced knitters to easily understand the project and plan accordingly. After completing a few knitted toy patterns it is easy to increase one's creativity and change the patterns a little. By slightly changing the patterns, a unique flare can be added to every toy. One can take the basic pattern and then change it resemble a favorite animal or item. Adding a little bit of creativity to a knitted toy is a great way to keep knitting new and interesting items. By challenging one's knitting skills the creative ability of the mind is tested, and one gains the ability to produce an ever increasing variety of creatures. Knitting can be very rewarding, but one must be sure to change it up and keep a strong sense of creativity.

Another great way to have more fun with knitting is to use Dangercrafts toy knitting patterns with a group of friends. Knitting parties are a great way to spend an evening with a group of friends. Advanced knitters and beginner knitters can get together to talk and share tips while knitting. Knitting is not meant to be only a solitary past time. Though only one person can knit an object at one time, there are many ways to turn knitting into a fun group activity. One can take a basic toy pattern, and then make half of the pattern. Another person can finish the pattern, adding their own style. By combining patterns in a creative way, knitting remains an exciting and interesting past time.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cocoknits: Stylish Knitting Patterns For All

Cocoknits Carli Ribbed Knit Cardigan Pattern
People are falling in love with Cocoknits, a range of gorgeous and distinctive knitting patterns designed by Julie Weisenberger. Julie creates wonderful patterns for clothing, accessories, and interior designs. She has something for everybody, including men, women and babies, and her designs are innovative and always fashionable.

Julie's interest in knitting was piqued when she studied in Salzburg, Austria, and watched older women knitting there. Today, Julie designs her own patterns, and also teaches knitters at all levels of ability; she is truly a master of her craft.

Peruse Julie's sensational sweater knitting patterns; each one has a slightly different personality, and is created with style in mind. Julie's sweater patterns include pullover, cardigan and vest styles, with varying sleeve lengths and collar styles. The experienced knitter can create truly beautiful, distinctive designs for herself or her loved ones.

Julie has designed a wide range of sweater knitting patterns for knitters to create. Her women's cardigan knitting patterns are just delightful. The Birgitta has a luxuriously soft, chunky knit, with a boxy, flared shape; the Stella is an amazing basic cardigan knitted with stainless steel yarn and gima cotton, for a really interesting mesh-like, open look.

Other great cardigan knitting patterns include the short-sleeved, shawl-like Yvonne, and the seamless, fit-and-flare Sabine. Julie's cardigan knitting patterns for men are unique and fashionable too, like her edgy asymmetrical zippered "hoodie," called Erik, and the more classic Kurt, a double-breasted, shawl-collared button-up cardigan.

Even babies get a sweet little cardigan, the Snap. Knitted sideways for an A-line silhouette, and finished off with one big snap at the chest, this cardigan for the littlest sweater-wearer is warm, cozy, and stylish.

Julie designs vest knitting patterns too. Her women's Adrian vest has the most interesting neckline; both sides of the vest slip over the head to create a shawl-like closure. It's really unusual and very appealing.

The Tessa vest is delicate and feminine, with an A-line shape, asymmetrical hemline, and an open knit; the twisted neckline is eye-catching, yet dainty. The Tessa vest can be worn open, or pinned closed. Julie's vest knitting patterns are truly one-of-a-kind, and totally fashion-forward.

In addition to sweaters, Cocoknits also offers stylish knitting patterns for other garments and wearables, such as slippers, bed socks, loafers and prairie boots. Each design is created with comfort, warmth and functionality in mind. Julie designs a plethora of other accessories too; choose from patterns for bags, scarves, shawls, hats, cowls, jewelry, and even pet items like felted dog collars.

Julie designs patterns for housewares and interior designs too. Patterns are available for everything from ice cream-pint cozies, to wreaths, to rugs and floor mats, to pillow covers and felted accessories for the home. Each pattern features Julie's signature attention to detail and eye for terrific style.

Cocoknits brings stylish, comfortable patterns to every knitter. With such a wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles, this line of knitting patterns gives knitters lots of different techniques to try.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Using Alpaca Yarn For Knitting

The Fibre Company Terra Yarn
Baby alpaca yarn is the best type of alpaca fiber. Baby alpaca yarn has amazing benefits over other types of fibers. Baby alpaca is hypoallergenic and does not contain dander or lanolin. Alpaca is an excellent alternative to wool especially for people who are sensitive to or who have allergies to wool and cannot wear it. People that have allergies to wool yarns should have no problem wearing yarn from the alpaca on their skin. Though the yarn of the alpaca is hypoallergenic it keeps the wearer just as warm as wool would. The fibers are not as scratchy against the skin as other fibers like wool and can feel as soft as cashmere. Garments made of alpaca also stay clean for a longer period of time, have better elasticity and are not susceptible to pilling.

Alpaca yarn is very versatile in terms of texture and diameter of the yarn. Alpaca yarn can be as fine or as bulky as you need it to be for your knitting project. Alpaca yarn can be cashmere fine and there is also bulky alpaca yarn. Bulky alpaca yarn can be used to knit chunky sweaters, scarves, and can also be interwoven with finer yarns to create an interesting variation and pattern.

On its own, alpaca is already a soft and luxurious yarn with many amazing properties but when it is blended with something else it can become even better and more versatile. Alpaca can be blended with silk to create an even more luxurious yarn than alpaca on its own. Alpaca silk blend yarn is a wonderful marriage of both alpaca and silk yarns. The silk provides a beautiful sheen and luster and when it is woven with alpaca it creates even better temperature regulation. The silk creates a delicate look but behind the delicate facade the silk truly enhances the strength of the yarn and subsequently the garment. Alpaca silk blend yarn can also be made in lace weight for knitting beautiful lace garments.

When knitting with alpaca there is a wide array of color choices to pick from. The yarn can be chosen in its natural state or it can be dyed into vivid hues and colors for bolder looks. Using the natural yarn is not limiting as there is quite a lot of color variation within the natural alpaca fiber. If the natural look is too neutral, the yarn can be found in almost any color of the rainbow.
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