Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Using Alpaca Yarn For Knitting

The Fibre Company Terra Yarn
Baby alpaca yarn is the best type of alpaca fiber. Baby alpaca yarn has amazing benefits over other types of fibers. Baby alpaca is hypoallergenic and does not contain dander or lanolin. Alpaca is an excellent alternative to wool especially for people who are sensitive to or who have allergies to wool and cannot wear it. People that have allergies to wool yarns should have no problem wearing yarn from the alpaca on their skin. Though the yarn of the alpaca is hypoallergenic it keeps the wearer just as warm as wool would. The fibers are not as scratchy against the skin as other fibers like wool and can feel as soft as cashmere. Garments made of alpaca also stay clean for a longer period of time, have better elasticity and are not susceptible to pilling.

Alpaca yarn is very versatile in terms of texture and diameter of the yarn. Alpaca yarn can be as fine or as bulky as you need it to be for your knitting project. Alpaca yarn can be cashmere fine and there is also bulky alpaca yarn. Bulky alpaca yarn can be used to knit chunky sweaters, scarves, and can also be interwoven with finer yarns to create an interesting variation and pattern.

On its own, alpaca is already a soft and luxurious yarn with many amazing properties but when it is blended with something else it can become even better and more versatile. Alpaca can be blended with silk to create an even more luxurious yarn than alpaca on its own. Alpaca silk blend yarn is a wonderful marriage of both alpaca and silk yarns. The silk provides a beautiful sheen and luster and when it is woven with alpaca it creates even better temperature regulation. The silk creates a delicate look but behind the delicate facade the silk truly enhances the strength of the yarn and subsequently the garment. Alpaca silk blend yarn can also be made in lace weight for knitting beautiful lace garments.

When knitting with alpaca there is a wide array of color choices to pick from. The yarn can be chosen in its natural state or it can be dyed into vivid hues and colors for bolder looks. Using the natural yarn is not limiting as there is quite a lot of color variation within the natural alpaca fiber. If the natural look is too neutral, the yarn can be found in almost any color of the rainbow.

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