Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scissor Holders

Sheep Scissor Holder
Every knitter's dream is to be surrounded by piles of yarns in a rainbow of colors. Happy hours are spent seeing how well one color goes with another. Major decisions, like whether to use a boucle yarn or nice cashmere in a scarf, are made. However, that doesn't get the project done.

There is a practical side to every knitter. Creativity and organization don't have to collide. Keeping knitting accessories nearby and orderly will make any project more fun. Organizing needles and patterns in notebooks will make them easier to find. Small knitting accessories can be put in labeled containers.

Multiple projects can each be kept in their own basket, tote or tub. Storing all the items needed for a particular project together, will make it easy to transport that particular project anywhere in the house or on a road trip. Small bags with small projects are a common site anywhere people have to wait. Knitting or crocheting in a doctor's office or the D.M.V helps makes the wait more pleasant.

Knitting scissor holders keep the scissors handy. It also keeps them from accidently cutting or poking a hole in projects or furniture. Having to put everything aside to look for scissors can be a real concentration buster. A scissor holder can keep scissors comfortably close.

Some knitters have special rooms, where everything is kept in a specific place. Others like to create in the center of things. They like to interact with the family while they knit or crochet. People who work with yarns thrive on color and texture. They tend to be artistic by nature. A styled scissor holder can be a statement of their passion. Cute knitting scissor holders can be decorations, as well as a useful item. It brings a smile to a logical idea. It is hard to resist something that calls your name.

Scissor holders can be plain or even industrial, but they don't display the spirit of a knitter. Fiber and design are not always practical. Something warm and soft fits in with a knitter's heart. A whimsical holder talks to the creative spirit.

A fanciful or quirky scissor holder make a perfect gift for a knitter, crafter or anyone involved with textiles. Homespun hobbies lend themselves to commitment and collecting. Knitters like to have their things around them. Some scissor holders are impressive enough to become part of the decor.

Textile crafts offer a variety of options. Old fashioned to cutting edge, each project reflects the mood of the creator. There is something useful and beautiful when they are done.

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